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How Entrepreneurs Can Reduce Stress.


Whether as a solopreneur or manager of a well-staffed team, running a business can often prove tedious and overwhelming. I’ve found myself at this junction countless times.

It often seems like the tasks are endless: Emails to reply, teams to organize, meetings to attend, clients who want your attention, queries to issues and it almost leaves no time for even lunch. At the end of the workday, exhaustion makes you hit the pillow only to rinse and repeat it all on the next day.

After a while, you would realize that there’s been neither room nor time for novel and creative thoughts. The implication here is that your business is run in the same way and therefore, achieves the same results no matter the set target.

In this post and the next 2, I will talk about these 3 things you can do to ensure that running your business becomes less stressful:

  1. Think differently
  2. Create a system around your business
  3. Give your employees a level of autonomy

The famous words “Think different” by Steve Jobs might be just the game plan you need to turn the tide for your business.

Here are 2 ways you can begin to change your thought patterns:

Create a vision and stick to it!

A vision is a mental picture you have for your business about the level of growth you hope to achieve within a time period. A clear vision helps you set the right goals, make the right inputs, and most of all, know what you as the manager/owner of the business should not become immersed in. When you know the endpoint, it becomes easier to set priorities. Reduce the stress by setting the right picture and creating only what you see.

Be more flexible

In contrast to what popular opinion might be, not running your business by the book does not mean failure. If none of the rules of the book work for you, throw the book out the window. Don’t be afraid to innovate on existing methods to create ones that work for you. Your business location, your work hours, your strategy, your voice, etc. can be flipped and re-thought.

Your questions should be “Does my current strategy help me achieve my goals?” “Is my business achieving any measure of growth?”

Put your feet up some time today and dive into some honest thoughts.