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How we Re-positioned a Natural Food Supplement Product Produced in Our Community


Nurturing businesses and products to life and a flourished state is one of our core values at Qeola. So, when we heard about a natural health supplement produced by a University Professor in our community, but, wasn’t nationally known despite the many results it had, we knew we had to do something to revitalize and nurture this amazing product to perfect health just like it had been doing for its consumers.

Trino IB is the breakthrough invention of Professor Julius Oloke, a former Microbiology Professor in LAUTECH and the current VC of Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan.

It’s an immune booster with powerful antioxidants, helping to restore patients with different health challenges to perfect health. Because of the momentum, this natural food supplement product has garnered over the years, coupled with the mind-blowing testimonials of patients who have used the supplement.

With the testimonies and the Federal Government recognition of Prof. Oloke breakthrough invention, one would think the supplement would become a household use, but in reality, that was not the case. So, we took it upon ourselves to bring this exceptional natural product to the mass market, where both young and old, rich and poor would have access to this powerful supplement, without any form of barrier in getting the product.

We proposed two of our top services to the company — Trim Labs which involved;



Through our branding service, we redesigned the product package (both the bottle and its package), logo, and also the brand guide. This we did because we understood how the interface of a product (logo, colors, fonts used, and the package for the product) could influence the buying power of a potential user. We also wanted to create the perception of quality and health through the product branding and designs. 

Old bottle package 

New bottle and package, designed by Qeola. 

Our marketing strategy involved a mix of online and offline, as we employed storytelling by shooting a testimonial video of the people who had benefited from the supplement, and had incredible results. We then created a social media presence on Facebook so we could reach a greater range of audience types. 

The vision we were running with was “To put this natural food supplement in the hands of everybody — both young and old, privileged, average and below-average citizens” and understanding that some of our target audience are the aged in rural communities who would not have access to the internet, we knew offline marketing had to be a central part of the strategy. We tried to reach this audience with an offline affiliate marketing model of recruiting marketers/ vendors from various parts of the country, who would help us reach as many people as possible.

Working on this project became personal for us because we were not just trying to market a product, we were trying to help a man achieve a vision to help preserve lives and revitalize health. 

At Qeola, we just don’t consult or offer digital services, we bring life, health, and well-being to your business.